Busy times ahead…

For the last 5 months i’ve been doing extra training. This has involved doing a lot more aerobic workouts. I also did some mountain training in North Wales with a succsseful ascent of Tryfan. Most of which was done in a storm and temperatures of -1 and lower. The main aim of this was to get much fitter to do the Eiger, the plus side of this is that it has helped my climbing.
An unexpected outcome of this was i started to run with my coach and good friend Mark, a pleasant surprise was that i can run much further and longer now than when i was at school.
It’s busy because over the next 3 months i will restart the international comps, Summit the Eiger with some great people, Take another friend Jake up Snowdon(He wants to try it in a blindfold) plus there are other things in the pipeline like a paraclimbing comp in the west Midlands next month, a first for the area and lot more.
I’m still training hard for the comps, always aiming to be able to do that crimp or sloper on an overhang, slowly getting there.
So first comp is in Imst at the end of June so still have a few more weeks of hard training.


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